" Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Vidhyarthi Foundation is founded by Rafikh Shaikh with their students in Parbhani. It is a non-profit and non-religious organization working for drought affected students , underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute, economically backward and other vulnerable groups.Our mission is to change lives of such children - by providing them the educational help and support. This includes basic needs, education and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens to develop the nation.."

शिक्षणाचा हक्क आहेच, हवे हक्काचे शिक्षण!

🎓 शिक्षण हे बदलती आव्हाने पेलणारे असावे, असे वाटत असेल, तर शिक्षणातील बदलांचा वेग हा समाजातील बदलांच्या वेगाशी साध्यम्र्य राखणारा असावा. नवे शैक्षणिक धोरण चांगले असले, तरी योग्य अंमलबजावणी झाली नाही, तर आधीच्या धोरणाचे जे झाले, तेच याही धोरणाचे होईल.
-डॉ. प्रशांत बोकारे

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